Each month, I will be interviewing an amazing woman in hope to bring you all some inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and do what you love. This month, I'm so thrilled to be interviewing the gorgeous Phoebe Dawson, celebrity makeup artist and mostly raw vegan advocate. Thanks so much babes, it's so exciting to have you here! 

Phoebe was one of the women who inspired me to turn what I'm deeply passionate about into my career. I hope this interview ignites a spark in you to follow your dreams, maybe make those changes you have been putting off for a while, or you may just simply enjoy swooning over the gorgeous pictures on her Instagram. Be sure to 'like' Phoebe's page by clicking here if Facebook's your thing, or follow her on instagram as she has some exciting projects in the pipeline you won't want to miss!! And let's face it, even without the unveiling of her up-coming projects her page is totally swoon worthy and she's just so lovely! You can also visit her gorgeous website by clicking here.

I have to confess, when I read Phoebes answer to my question 'What little pearl of wisdom do you have for those wanting to pursue a passion and start their own company?' it made me a bit teary (but in a good way!), and again, really made me feel so motivated and super-inspired to keep pushing just that little bit further in following my dreams, regardless of how much I have already achieved - there's always more!! 

Phoebe follows a vegan lifestyle, and is a thriving and vibrant beauty inside and out, as you can see!

Now, go and make yourself a cup of herbal tea or your favourite smoothie and get comfy, there is so much information and many truly inspiring words in this interview, you will want to take it all in! 

What was it that turned you into a 'healthy foodie'?

I grew up eating pretty healthy with my parents feeding us things like almond milk, rice milk, brown bread and other things that at the time I thought was super-not-cool and embarrassing compared to what my friends at school were eating. Now I am SO grateful that my parents feed us healthy food!

After moving to LA alone at 19, I was working and hustling all the time. Due to the stress and pressure of everything I got really sick and slim and my body wasn't processing food.s That's when I read the vegan book, 'The Skinny Bitch' and it totally changed my life!! Right away I went vegan and got every book I could find on the subject, I was obsessed! I also cut out wheat/gluten and then I felt the hugest difference in my body, my mind and everything! I never get sick, I stay slim, I feel way more spiritually in tune with myself, others and my environment, I feel clean and I get no period cramps or any kind of pain at that time of the month, and it's much lighter which is huge! My hay fever disappeared and I never get any kind of mucus of phlegm, sniffles or stuffed up, because eating a high-raw vegan diet is just so much easier for the body to process. Also I want to look good and have a lean, toned healthy body and clean mind!

I also believe that if you ingest an animal that has been abused or living unhappily in a slaughter house, or in a cage when it should be free in nature you are ingesting that pain, anger and hurt, and it becomes a part of you. I support and believe in peace, love and freedom for all beings and see animals as equals that deserve to be treated with kindness. To inflict pain and torture on another innocent being is something I will never support. I feel my temperament totally changed and I have way more inner peace. 

What made you realize the importance of using healthy products?

In books I have read and studied about health and veganism, they talk about how much of what we use and our environment affects us, so I do try to use lots of natural oils instead of chemical filled moisturizers. My sister and I also try to buy natural cleaners and products for the house. I always look for natural hair care and love to try out natural makeup lines ifthe quality and pigment is good. 

A lot of un-natural products have alcohol and acids so they actually end up drying out the skin or hair so then you have to keep applying which I don't like. I'm a huge fan of coconut and other natural fruit oils!

Describe your day on a plate:

I LOVE to eat out and go to nice restaurants, try new things and because I travel a lot for work and pleasure all over the place, I have no 'usual' day. I'm also always in new locations on film sets working very long days, so on those days and pretty much all of my jobs they cater all meals and have tons of snacks available, there is usually plenty of vegan and fresh healthy options for me.  

Any where in LA or when I travel I modify things and ask the chef to make me vegan options and everyone is always so sweet and happy to modify or create something for me. 

I am spoiled in LA because there are so many amazing vegan restaurants and raw food places that are sooo good!!

An example of a typical day would be a frozen banana smoothie and coffee for breakfast, I usually have a late breakfast at like 10am, then I'm not hungry until 2pm. For a snack I'll have fruit or trail mix, lunch if I'm off work I'll have a fresh salad with lots of vegetables, or something simple like a avocado sushi roll. I don't like to eat anything too heavy until later in the day, because then I feel tired and lazy. (Great tip Phoebie!!) Dinner is always always my biggest meal. For dinner I have something more substantial like gluten-free pasta, pizza, vegan nachos, curry, big salads with a veggie burger or falafel. I eat a LOT of avocado and hummus!! Im obsessed with hummus!! 

To sum up, I like to do smoothie for breakfast, light lunch or snacks throughout day then a more substantial dinner. 

What is your favourite smoothie recipe?

My go-to smoothie for pretty much every single day off consists of frozen bananas, cold water and crunchy salt-free peanut butter. It's soo good it tastes like ice cream! I don't add to much water because I like it thick and creamy.

What are your 3 favourite beauty products that you couldn't be without?

This is an impossible question, I'm such a huge makeup and product junkie!!! But to use on myself some of my three fav products would be:

  1. Mascara. I'm obsessed, I wear so much mascara!! I love MAC False Lashes Mascara and I love Benefit 'They're real' mascara at the moment. 
  2. A good deep cleansing scrub, feeling super clean is the best. I like Murad Exfoliating Scrub.
  3. Coconut oil or Jojoba oil for moisturising everywhere and removing makeup.

For my Makeup Kit

I LOVE so many must-have products but here are just three of my most used products currently:

  1. RMCA Cream Foundations, these are just flawless!! I use them for concealer, highlighting, contouring and foundation, they blend so easily into the skin. I use them for every skin colour and every age, they are so amazing and really affordable.
  2. Ardell Lashes in #120, #307 and individual lashes, false lashes make the hugest different and really open up the eye.
  3. Cream blush, in a peachy tone. I love cream blushes and eye shadows, they give such a healthy glow! I really love Stila Cream Blush in Gerbera. It looks stunning on everyone!

For products I really love Murad's acne line, it's worth the investment. Its definitely important to have a good deep cleansing scrub. I would use one daily or at least every second day, even for people that do not wear makeup, your face still gets dirty and clogged. After cleansing using a good witch hazel toner which can be found at a local pharmacy. Also, coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-aging, kills candida, heals eczema and other skin issues and is great to put on skin. But diet first!!

What little pearl of wisdom do you have for those wanting to pursue a passion and start their own company? 

You have to want it like you want to breathe

That anything is truly possible!! But the universe favors the bold. I've risked and sacrificed everything for my career. I have gone many weeks on barely any sleep, pushed my body and mind beyond what I thought I could, invested tons of my own money, and done tons of free jobs in the beginning, I hustled harder then anyone I knew. I paid for half of my makeup school education, I fly myself across America and to different countries for personal growth seminars and invest in workshops to learn and grow every year. It has payed off beyond my wildest dreams, and I'm just getting started!! I've been flown all over the USA every single year and nearly internationally a few times which I'm sure will happen soon for doing makeup ;) I live in the brand new apartment of my dreams, I've been able to work with the biggest product lines, on blockbuster films, every award show, be part of best-selling books, top fashion magazines and worked with many celebrities. Just last week I was oiling up Big Seans abs for a music video with Kayne West! I'm not saying this to brag, I'm saying this to say that anything is possible. I came from a tiny town in New Zealand and made it happen - I was just a little 19 year old girl that decided to move across the world to LA to chase her dreams! 

Be willing and ready to hustle harder then anyone you know! Always be honest and do good, be good to others and respect them. This is SO important and something I really stand by, because it will come back around ten fold. Success is all about relationships, strong relationships. Make sure you are the BEST always give 110%, have huge goals and always be adding, improving and upgrading. Do things that scare and challenge you often! Let your haters be your motivators.

What advice would you give to someone struggling with skin issues and are there any specific products that you would recommend?

I believe it really comes from within and that eating a clean, low salt, low processed diet is everything and affects your skin way more then an outside product. If someone really wants to clear their skin I'd say go raw or high-raw vegan and cut out or down processed things and salt. Also stress causes our body to freak out, so reducing the stress in your life, meditating or doing more things that make you feel happy and at peace will help.

What is your favourite quote or affirmation:


I love this so much that I have it tattooed on my body! I am obsessed with quotes and affirmations and have many journals and note pads filled with them!

I am actually in the process writing a quotes book. (H: Amazing, can't wait for this Phoebe!) I think quotes and affirmations are extremely powerful. I change up on affirmations depending on what I want to attract or create. I believe we attract every single thing that 'happens' to us good or bad in life based on the thought, feeling and vibes that we send out! I experience this everyday! 

I try to never speak about or voice anything that I do not want to create for myself or for others. 



Growing up in a small beach town in New Zealand, Phoebe decided she wanted to be a makeup artist when she was 13.  At 17 she left high school and moved to Australia where she studied Makeup. Then at 19 she moved to Los Angeles. 

Some of her credits include Celebrities such as Big Sean, Lisa Vanderpump, Stan Lee, Andrew Garfield, Tao Cruz, David Hasslehoff, Ray J, Alice Cooper, Fred Willard, Michael Strahan, James Maslow (Disney), Mary Steinburgeon, Jason Biggs, DJ Kaskade and Tobin Bell.  Other credits include working on many Music Videos for legendary artists such as Kayne West, Big Sean, JLO, and Kelly Clarkson,  Blockbuster Films, Magazine Covers, Vogue Italia, interivews and collaborating with top makeup brands including Ardell Lashes, MAC and Kevyn Aucion. Phoebe has worked at Miss USA, The Oscars, Golden Globes, Press Junkets, NBC Universal, The Grammy's, Germany's Next Top Model, America's Next top Model, Comedy Central, 944 Magazine, Playboy, Maybellene NY, Covergirl, Bad Girls Club, Ed Hardy, LA Fashion Week & Australia Fashion Week. 

Phoebe has been flown all over the USA to do what she loves for films and tv shows, including working in NYC every year and regularly contributes beauty articles for magazines including 10TEN Magazine, various blogs, radio interviews and other media including published books. 

At the beginning of 2011 Phoebe was asked by a UK beauty school to teach as their head tutor for Los Angeles division, and at the young age of 23, taught classes with up to 70 women in Seattle. Phoebe has also judged the Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant 2011. Phoebe is also an inspirational speaker at a women's shelter & has presented at MUD Make-up school multiple times and currently teaches live workshops for Vizio.


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