This post is especially for all of the beautiful ladies that follow my blog. Finally the time has come where I can share some amazing products and an even more amazing lady with you. 

I came across Sam's website and beautiful products in a magazine while having brunch at a cafe in Hamilton a while back - I snapped a photo of the details from the mag and got in touch with Sam as soon as I returned home. 

As many of you know, I had trouble with my skin for a few years - a big part of what has driven my passion for clean eating and healthy lifestyle choices. I do believe beautiful clear skin comes from within, but also a huge part of getting clear is not slathering toxic chemicals all over your face and body. Choosing the most natural products we can is so important for our health.

So often I work with people that have serious health problems, their children have allergies and they wonder why they are always sick even though their diet is rather clean. The culprit in a lot of cases is what they are putting on their skin and the cleaning products they use. (Just changing your washing powder to an eco-friendly one with no toxic nasties can make a huge difference with eczema, acne and asthma!) We only have to think of how a nicotine patch works to understand how quickly everything is absorbed through our skin.

If I can't pronounce an ingredient on the label of whatever product I am looking at I will put it straight back down. Theres just no need for all that added stuff in our products! The skin is our largest organ, and the toxins from the products we use each day penetrate the skin entering the blood stream, not to mention causes break outs and skin irritations such as contact dermatitis, acne and redness. 

I have tried a whole bunch of different products over the years to help my skin, but they have all ended up aggravating it even more - to the point where I just washed with water and hemp oil for a very long time. Although my skin is now clear, I am left with the odd battle scar, and have longed for something to assist the speedy lightening and healing of them. I also don't wear makeup anymore as many of them still upset my sensitive skin (and I much prefer it to breathe now!), so it was very exciting to come across the HAUT beauty products, and Josh Rosebrook skincare. They are totally natural, totally gorgeous and the HAUT makeup doesn't contain Mica, something that irritates the skin and is in every other mineral foundation I have come across.

My vision for this website has always been to not focus solely on food, but to also have some products that I personally use and endorse to share with you, and now I can! 

I have been using a number of the products that Sam sells over at Benaturallyou, and I'm so thrilled to say that they are all divine and really helping my skin, not one has made my skin go crazy and break out - yay! My favourites are defiantly the Josh Rosebrook exfoliatorcacao face mask (totally delicious!) and cleanser, the Moroccan Natural Pure Pearl Powder and Argan oil blends, HAUT makeup and the AEOS dew facial cleanser. The nail polishes and removers (which smell nothing like nail polish remover, more like flowers!) are also a must-have. The Josh Rosebrook products are so divine, the smell makes me want to dip my finger in the pottle and eat it! The best part of these products is the fact that they are actually helping my skin, it feels and looks bright, soft and amazing after their use - something that is very exciting for someone that has had a frustrating battle with bad skin and products!

Without further ado, here are some pearls of wisdom from the gorgeous beauty guru herself!

What was it that turned you into a healthy foodie?

Gosh, I was very fortunate to grow up in a house whereby my mum made all 3 meals. She cooked us breakfast, prepared our lunches to take to school, and cooked a healthy dinner each night. We weren’t allowed to drink soft drinks, not even cordial or Ribena (fruit juice). So I had the foundations for a healthy diet ever since I was born. When I left home I continued with this, and then went on to study Nutrition for 3 years in my mid 20s. It was at college that my understanding of how the body works and what it requires to function optimally expanded, and continues to expand as I am constantly researching and asking questions. I also love to cook, so am always experimenting with different healthy foods.  

What made you realise the importance of using natural products?

So many examples. But the first I can remember was when I was in my late teens I became interested in natural as the conventional brands were too harsh for my skin, causing redness and irritation. I then used a so-called natural product range and it reacted terribly with my skin as well. So I looked at the full ingredient list and discovered that it wasn’t that natural at all. This was 18+ years ago, long before natural and organic became popular. But it was a huge gift to me, as it made me realise that labels aren’t exactly what they appear to be. And so begun my interest in seeking out genuine skin care and cosmetics, beyond the illusions of what the beauty industry would like us to believe. 

Describe a typical day for you:

Yikes there is no typical day. I travel around the world for about 200 days of the year. So it’s always different. But when I’m at home in Bangalow it goes a little like this. 
Wake up. Go for a walk on the beach and swim in the surf at Byron Bay with my beautiful husband. Head to our local cafe for an organic juice. ( Or if its raining I do a yoga and strength training session in the living room at home. )
Head home and make breakfast. Do some work. Make lunch. Say hello to the herbs, veggies and worms in our garden and feed the worms our food scraps. Do some more work. Go for a late afternoon walk on the beach when the sun is setting and do a little sun gazing. Head home and make dinner. Snuggle up on the couch with my husband and watch a movie. 

What is your favourite smoothie recipe?

At the moment I’m loving home made hemp mylk, maca, cacao, Udo’s Oil, macqui berry, camu camu, schisandra, slippery elm, fossil shell flour, cinnamon, vanilla bean, shilajit and reishi mushroom extract.

What are your 3 favourite beauty products that you couldn't be without?

Gosh, to choose just 3 is impossible, but here goes … BE GENKI Body Oil to keep my skin smooth from top to toe, LIVE NATIVE Essential Earth Exfoliating Cleanser to keep my face glowing, and INTENSAE vegan cruelty-free nail lacquer for a saturated colour on my nails that has staying power.

What little pearl of wisdom do you have for those wanting to pursue a passion and start their own company?

Do what brings you joy, and do if for the love and joy of it, not for the money. Money follows joy, not the other way around. And if you’re going to bother doing something, do it to the best of your ability. And please please please don’t let anyone else’s point-of-view frighten you from taking the challenge. 

What advice would you give to someone struggling with skin issues and are there any specific products that you would recommend?

Skin conditions are signals for a variety of things. It may be related to your diet, poor gut health, emotions and stress, hormonal imbalance, environmental exposure. For anyone suffering and struggling with a skin issue, it’s best to look at the body holistically so as to get to the cause, as opposed to putting on a bandaid solution. Clean up your diet so that the gut and internal organs can function optimally, breathe in fresh air, enjoy sensible sunshine, address any stress in your life, and clean up your personal care and cosmetic products. Choose only products that are genuinely natural and organic with a high concentration of active botanicals that are known to help support skin health. 

The number one product I’d recommend is the MOROCCAN NATURAL 100% pure organic virgin argan oil. It is easily absorbed in to the skin and renowned for helping to ease cases of acne, eczema and psoriasis.
Link to product:

What is your favourite quote or affirmation:


- Gautama Buddha


Samantha Sargent is an advocate for natural beauty, health and wellbeing. What makes Sam’s approach unique is her holistic approach in helping to improve the health and happiness in her customers, clients and readers day-to-day lives, by addressing all aspects of life: relationships, work, nutrition, ‘me’ time, exercise, education, inspiration and relaxation, to name a few; by drawing down on her diverse background of Holistic Nutrition, Make Up Artistry, Skin Care and Image Training, Physical Education (Fitness), Aromatherapy, Access Consciousness, Vipassana Meditation and Aura-Soma.

In 2006 Sam created Be genki - a  luxurious range of animal-, environment-, everything-friendy self-care products that utilise the healing properties of pure organic plant and essential oils accompanied with lifestyle recommendations that help to inspire holistic happiness. 6 years later Sam created - the go-to destination to inspire a more naturally beautiful you, complete with interviews of naturally beautiful women from around the world, nutrition advice, beauty tips, recipes, and an online shop providing a consciously edited collection of high-performance beauty, personal care, and wellbeing products that tick all the natural, organic, ethical boxes, whilst delivering superior results. Products Sam was on a personal mission to find for her own use. 

Sam is also a well respected writer and blogger providing tips on how to incorporate daily self-caring rituals that promote inner health and harmony in the face of life’s little pressures. Sam has been a contributor to the following websites: Pamper Guru for NineMSN, Relaxation Expert for SpringDay, Wellbeing contributor for Postscript Interactive – The Professional Resource for Pharmacy Assistants; and is currently Foxtel’s Lifestyle YOU Wellbeing Expert.

Sam is regularly interviewed for her advice and how-to-tips to be featured in the health and beauty pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, Russh, Women’s Health, Nature & Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, Australian Women’s Weekly, Cleo, Famous, Peppermint, Better Health, EcoLuxe and Real Living magazines, to name just a few. She has been described as:

“the natural beauty buff”  by Vogue Australia
“the holistic skincare expert” by Women’s Health & Fitness
and one of the “visionaries who are making a difference to your shopping habits” by InStyle magazine.

Thank you so much Sam! I hope you have gleaned some knowledge from her interview and please head over to her website to check out the range of amazing products Sam has there. 

Also if you like, I was lucky enough to an interview for Sam's natural beauties page that I would love to you read! The interview is available to read here:


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