Girl Gathering No.1 - Summer Of Twenty Seventeen

Two Sundays ago, my dear friend Jessica and I spent our afternoon with 18 beautiful babes, barefoot and crowned under ancient trees strung with fairy lights and nestled among summer flowers in full bloom. 

Upon arrival, guests were served a cherry and pomegranate cocktail topped with Awaka sparkling lemon coconut water (CHIA), spiked with vanilla vodka. 

Jessica's art workshop was up first. Seated at a giant oak table, each place setting was laid out beautifully with Aroha dark chocolate and everything needed to create their masterpiece.

Everyone produced a fantastic artwork that they could take home and hang on their wall in the white frame provided. Jess and I were blown away with how good they all were! It's no wonder, as Jess is such an amazing teacher, and artist! 

Next up was my whole-food and styling workshop, where I taught some essential recipes to producing a seriously good platter or grazing table, including a super-seeded paleo bread, nut cheese, blueberry, blackcurrant and juniper berry jam, beet and butter bean hummus and a walnut and fig log, to name a few. 

After the food was made, I showed our ladies how to style the most divine platter, full of colour and flavour, sure to please any guest, or camera lens! 

During the day, guests were instructed not to venture too far around the property as to keep my big surprise a secret until the very end!

A short walk through the most beautiful garden was a long table made from pallets, set with a runner of summer flowers and foliage perfectly arranged by Sara-Lee of Miss Flower Girl. Scattered around the table were turkish rugs and linen pillows made by Belle Hawk, and atop; the most glorious wine from our lovely sponsors, Giesen, McBride (My personal favourite wines in the entire world!) and Crafters Union Wines, Hogarth chocolate - THE most insanely good chocolate I've tried, linen wrapped gifts which were overflowing with feminine goodies from even more amazing sponsors;. BePure, The Green Collective, Aromaflex, Plant & Share, Global Soap, an artwork from Jessica herself, Pure Wellbeing, Equilibrium (Donation: Pukka Tea) and a cute wee crochet silk face-pad made by my wonderful mother. Thanks so much to all of you! 

All of this is not to mention the platters, showcasing the abundance of local plant food which overflowed from copper pots, wooden platters and ceramic dishes, hand-thrown by me especially for the event. 

We sat around this table, barefoot with floral crowns made by the fabulous Miss Flower Girl, where we feasted, sipped wine, shared stories, laughed, made new friends, were surrounded by nature, and most importantly, relaxed and had the opportunity to take this moment to totally restore from our hectic lives. 

We are so grateful for each and every one of you who came to our Girl Gathering. The feedback from this event has blown me away, and I'd love to share one email in particular that really touched me.

Hi Hayley,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your team of lovely ladies who contributed their amazing talents and incredible attention to detail to today.

My shyness almost got the better of me rocking up solo but I am so pleased that I made it. I met some really lovely people this afternoon and even caught up with a girl I went to school with. Today reminded me of my journey at Wanderlust recently, where the vibration is high and everyone is on the same level, no judgement passed and everyone accepting of one another.

Thanks again for such a uplifting afternoon, the food was amazing! Congratulations on making it happen - I feel honoured to have been part of it and I can’t wait for another one.
— Jo Renyolds

Kathleen from Wild Rising captured this event, with utter perfection. Below are our favourite shots from the day - in the words of Kathleen, "If its inspiration you long for, the images below are sure to satisfy your search." 

A special thanks to my dear friend Jess for sharing your knowledge, your hard work to make this day happen despite the chaos of family life, and joining forces with me to make this day possible. 

Tish, for being such a selfless, beautiful and encouraging human, and of course for letting us use your stunning slice of paradise. 

Stay tuned for Girl Gathering No.2 - If you are worried you will miss out as these events fill fast, join the Gather Girl tribe by signing up below. You will also receive announcements and monthly recipes, inspiration and lifestyle advice straight to your inbox. 

Thanks again. You are all beautiful, precious souls. 

Until next time. Hayley x 

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